1What is a properly balanced/maintained pool?
By using a test kit or bringing a water sample to our retail store you measure your chlorine, alkalinity and PH levels. By maintaining proper levels your pool will be balanced and safe for swimming.
2What is PH & Alkalinity?
Alkalinity is a buffering agent that helps hold the PH at the correct level and helps prevent the PH from bouncing therefore it is less likely to get out of balance and create other problems. PH is the acidity level of your pool. It is important to keep your PH within the specified range. By keeping the PH and Alkalinity balanced your chlorine can work properly.
3How often should I test my water?
Water should be tested and balanced on a weekly basis. We highly suggest a good pool test kit, or scheduling one of our regular pool and spa services, which allows you to enjoy your pool and/or spa while we do the maintenance. You may also bring a sample of your pool or spa water to our retail store for free water chemistry analysis.
4How long should I run my filter?
This depends on the filter and pump. With a DE filter and single speed pump- 8 hours. A sand filter or cartridge filter and single speed pump- 12 hours. If you have a variable speed pump with any filter system it can be run 8, 12 or 24/7, by lowering the RPMs at low speed. For more details contact one of our pool professionals.
5What is a salt water pool?
Ordinary table salt, or sodium chloride is added to the pool water. Less than a tsp of sate per gal of water is all that is required. As the dissolved salt flows through the salt generator cell it is electrolically converted into pure chlorine which is then distributed throughout the pool sanitizing the water keeping it fresh, clear and safe. Unlike conventional chlorine additives that must be constantly replenished the salt is recycled continuously day after day which further reduces pool maintenance requirements. For more details contact one of our pool professionals.

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