Pool Opening & Closing Services

Pool Opening Services

Inground/Above Ground Pool:

  • Remove and clean cover
  • Remove, drain and clean water tubes
  • Clean coping
  • Remove water plugs
  • Hook up equipment and check for proper operation
  • Reinstall all ladders and handrails, etc.
  • Vacuum pool
  • Brush walls
  • Light heater and test (only leave on if requested by customer)
  • Chemically treat water and leave chemicals if requested
  • Leave door hanger for customer with any issues found or other needed information.*
  • Additional charges that are not part of an opening:

  • Sand change (labor rate + cost of sand)
  • Cover service (removing excessive debris or pumping excessive water)
  • Equipment repair (labor rate + materials)
  • Plumbing repair (labor rate + materials)
  • Clean auto cover box (labor) / is done at opening
  • Clean, install or connect solar blanket to reel; put solar reel together (labor)
  • Put up slide (labor) / is done at opening
  • Fix or replace light – bulb, etc (labor + material)
  • Reseat liner if floated up or get out wrinkles (labor)
  • Leak detection, patch liner or put liner back in track (labor + material)
  • Green pool to clear; dirty pool to clean (depending on how bad determines labor charge + chemicals)
  • Over flow spa or any spa (labor + material)
  • Water fall and fountains (labor + material)
  • Pool house (labor + material)
  • Disposal of sand, debris, etc. will be an additional charge

  • *An opening does not promise a clear pool. This is based on status of pool at closing and/or status of pool at opening. Walls are brushed down last therefore there will be debris settlement after technicians have left job site

    If a salt pool, salt is not added at opening. Pool must circulate at least 24 hours then water chemistry & salt level should be checked and chemicals added accordingly.

    Pool Closing Services

    Inground/Above Ground Pool:

  • Any “minor” adjustments to water chemistry to assure its balance assuming the water has been properly maintained over the course of the season and treated properly for closing. It is the customer’s responsibility to assure water chemistry has been maintained during the season.
  • Fill water bags (when used); remove ladders, handrails, diving boards, etc and store away; check pool light (submerge if needed); check filter system (clean grids, etc); vacuum to waste
  • Blowing out and adding antifreeze to lines (inground pool)/properly winterizing pool (i.e., suck system dry, drain pump/filter & heater, etc.; make sure all orings are lubed appropriately
  • Adding an Algaecide Protector based on gallons of water in pool
  • Adding Winter Shock based on gallons of water in pool
  • Adding Winter Enzyme based on gallons of water in pool
  • Lowering water level
  • Properly covering the pool
  • Additional charges that are not part of a closing:

  • Return visit due to water chemistry (water acidic upon arrival to close pool requiring us to return to complete closing or return visit due to customer requesting wrong equipment (i.e., wrong size of cover)
  • Equipment repair (labor rate + materials)
  • Plumbing repair (labor rate + materials)
  • Clean, disassemble solar reel, clean solar cover, etc.
  • Take down slide (includes need to take down slide to properly install cover)
  • Fix or replace light – bulb (labor + material)
  • Leak detection, patch liner, cover, etc (labor + material)
  • Winterize spa, pool house, waterfall, fountains (labor + material)
  • Salt Cell Cleaning (labor + material)
  • Winter chemicals are not included in closing labor pricing
  • Installation of one cover is included in pool closing. If customer requests a second cover be installed (i.e., water bag cover over safety cover, that will result in an additional charge for cover service.)

  • *Skipper’s Pool and Spa Service, as a courtesy and not part of a routine closing, will put equipment in shed/garage, etc. if you are home to instruct service technicians where equipment should be put and if it is within reasonable proximity to the pool or if you have left instructions at time of scheduling and it is within reasonable proximity to the pool. Otherwise, equipment will be placed neatly in the pool area.